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the Future of Building Materials 

Cresco uses biotechnology to manufacture low carbon panelling materials for the construction industry.

Heading for Net-Zero

In 2020 Gypsum plasterboard caused 3.5% of the UK's greenhouse gas emissions. We develop sustainable and circular alternatives to interior panelling products. Using a bacterial bio-manufacturing process, we produce low carbon bio-composites utilising industrial waste. 

Our material is naturally water and fire resistant, hard wearing, utilises high percentages of waste material (60-90% wt). The entire manufacturing process happens at room temperature. Being able to manufacture without the need of high energy heating processes is where the majority of the carbon savings occur compared to traditional alternatives. It is even possible to go carbon negative if the chemical feedstock is supplied through green energy chains.

Towards Circularity

Crescos nature-based solutions that enhance building resilience, carbon negative bacterial process, low carbon emissions, and utilization of ceramic waste.

Value from Waste

By using industrial waste as aggregate, we secure value from waste streams and contribute to a circular economy. 68 million tonnes of ceramic waste goes to landfill annually in the UK alone.

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