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Towards a
Better Future

Cresco focuses on three main value points while developing technology to provide an off the shelf panel alternative for the market gap found in green construction materials.


Cresco Biotech as a business, is primarily motivated by a desire to address the challenges of climate change. In a world where infrastructure will inevitably continue to expand, low carbon material alternatives for the construction industry are fundamental to reducing the impact of our built environment. Net zero targets for construction cannot be met without green material alternatives. Few interventions currently focus on the embodied energy of buildings rather than their operational energy. Crescos research and development moves us towards filling this gap.


By using industrial waste as aggregate, we secure value from waste streams and contribute to a circular economy. The biocalcification process we are utilizing allows us to use a high percentage of waste aggregates within our material products (up to 90%). These waste aggregates may be sourced from the ceramics, (68 million tonnes annually in the UK alone) construction, or mining industries and are produced in massive quantities . Utilizing these local waste streams not only improves the sustainability(by reducing transport emissions) and circularity of the materials produced, but the sheer variety of potential sources also acts to build resilience against external forces which could otherwise affect supply and prices. The low energy processing also acts to buffer manufacturing prices against price fluctuations.


We are using biological systems for developing a sustainable and circular alternative to traditional gypsum and cement based manufacturing processes. We are developing and deploying a technologically advanced biomanufacturing process, with utility both now and in the future.

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